The Green Bay Packers released their annual revenue report on Thursday, opening a window in the multi-billion dollar world of NFL team financials. Because the Packers are a publicly-owned team, their revenue report is made public, and it shows the 32 NFL teams split north of $6 billion.

The Packers earned $187.7 million in national revenue in 2013, CEO and President Mark Murphy revealed, which amounted to a 4.3 percent increase over the previous year. (Multiply $187.7 million by 32 and you get $6,006,400,000.)

Murphy attributed the bump to NFL Network appearing on additional television sets -- the league's network resolved its dispute with Time Warner -- and increased revenue from Nike.

For the Packers specifically, they saw an actual -- gasp -- decline in net income during the previous fiscal year. But don't worry: it's actually a good thing, as Green Bay signed both Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews to long-term extensions during that time period.

"We are investing in our team and investing in our stadium with a real priority on the game-day experience," Murphy said.