The NFL is constantly working to improve the replay system, even though it clearly hates your favorite team. (And Calvin Johnson.) And one possible improvement for the league might be the advent of a "situation room" in the form of global replay monitoring from the league office, much in the way the NHL handles its replay.

At the very least, the league is reportedly looking into the methodology of hockey's replay system, according to a report from John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, who reports that "an NFL officiating representative has been in communication with the NHL for about a month" and spent a Saturday evening (Nov. 30 to be precise) in the NHL's replay room in Toronto.

The goal of the NFL officiating rep was to gather information on the way the NHL reviews scores of goals and games all at the same time. The NFL's goal, as Roger Goodell said this week at the owners' meetings, is "consistency."

"Consistency is important, and by bringing it into the league office on Sundays and actually having one person making that decision, you can make an argument for consistency," Goodell said. "It is something we discussed with ownership [Wednesday] and the committee will come back with a report and we will possibly make an adjustment from there."

Goodell was asked if the NFL was basing its potential replay setup on what the NHL does and pointed out that the NFL has "studied this and thought about this for a long time."

NHL senior VP of hockey operations Mike Murphy confirmed to Kryk that Jay Reid, a member of the NFL's officiating department, stopped by hockey's main replay center to see how things worked.

"He came in and watched us -- and we've been communicating back and forth via email probably for about a month, about different things we do," Murphy said. "Jay came in and actually sat with us for probably three hours and watched the whole room function -- how we operated at individual stations, how we operated in real time. And he saw how we do it. He asked people questions."