Good thing for the Florida State Seminoles that freshman quarterback Jameis Winston isn't eligible for the NFL draft. If he were, he'd probably be the first overall pick.

Or at least that's what one NFL scout told me earlier this week.

The scout said he is not allowed to talk publicly about players who are not eligible for the draft, but he did offer me this comment under the condition of anonymity:

"Rarely, do you see a quarterback at Winston's age who has the combination of size, speed, arm strength and field awareness that he has," the scout said. "He's a bigger, stronger, faster version of (Louisville's) Teddy Bridgewater."

The scout went on to say that obviously it would depend on which team has the No. 1 pick, but he said ANY team in need of a quarterback would "absolutely move up" if they had a chance to draft Winston.

Translation: Enjoy Famous Jameis while while you can, Seminole fans.

Players can enter the NFL three years after they leave high school. That means after next season -- when Winston is just a redshirt sophomore -- he will be eligible for the draft and will likely be the No. 1 pick.