The long-awaited meeting between the NFL and Oneida Indian Nation will occur on Wednesday. So who will be there, and what will transpire?

According to the NFL, at least two executive Vice Presidents will attend, along with other senior league executives. It’s not yet known whether Commissioner Roger Goodell will be present.

The league’s goal, per the NFL, will be to listen. Oneida Indian Nation’s goal will be to talk.

They talked about their plans for talking in a statement issued Sunday to PFT.

“We are encouraged that Commissioner Goodell has recently said the league should be listening to critics of the Washington team name,” Oneida Indian Nation said. “As a proud sponsor of the NFL, we want to see the league continue to be a unifying force for the ideals of mutual respect. That’s why we are hopeful that this meeting begins the process of ending the league’s continued promotion of painful racial slur. We plan on presenting the league with several different steps they can take to begin addressing this important issue.”