Two of the 13 rule changes the NFL is considering involve expanding the use of instant replay by allowing coaches to challenge personal foul penalties — and potentially much more than just that.

The first proposal, put forward by Washington, is to make personal fouls reviewable. This has been discussed for years, but during the 2013 season there seemed to be increasing calls for the league to open those calls to instant replay. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said during the postseason that he believes the rule will be changed.

“We want to make sure that we get it right on the field, so I believe that will be a reviewable call — I know the committee is going to study that,” Goodell said.

That proposal is likely to pass when the owners vote on new rules next week, but there’s another proposal that would go much further. The second proposal, put forward by New England, would allow coaches to challenge anything: If a coach believes the officials got it wrong and there’s indisputable video evidence, he can challenge it. Everything from false starts to holding to pass interference to the spot where a ball carrier’s forward progress stopped could be subject to review.