Ask most Cowboys fans about the greatest needs the Cowboys have going into the draft this year, and the answer is almost certainly going to be offensive line and defensive line, and multiple positions along both lines are likely going to be mentioned. Some might throw in a safety, and a running back will likely be brought up as well. The need for depth at tight end and many other positions might also come up.

The Cowboys are drafting at #18, #47 and #80, and they should expect to draft first-year starters or significant contributors with their first two picks, but if they were to also find an immediate starter in the third round, that would be a very big win on draft day. And there's virtually no chance that they'll be able come away from the draft with four first-year starters/significant contributors.

This of course means that the Cowboys may need to fill some of their roster holes via free agency. But which ones? Especially considering that the Cowboys will probably enter the 2013 free agency period on a tight budget that will only take them so far.

So how do you go about building a team on a tight budget?

The Cowboys need to be financially prudent in their free agent acquisitions. One way to do that is to go after position groups in free agency that are relatively cheap, and use the draft to stock up on position groups that are relatively expensive.