No more discussions about chemistry issues. No more proclamations about being an elite tight end. No more verbal takedowns of respected NFL veterans. At least not right now.

Jermichael Finley has apparently learned his lesson. After years of being the Green Bay Packers' most outspoken player the 26-year-old tight end is now choosing a reserved approach over blunt honesty.

Speaking with the media on Wednesday for the first time since training camp began Finley had a series of go-to responses ready. "Doing it the right way" "just playing football" and "everything will take care of itself" were a few of his favorites.

"When I'm out on the field I talk when I'm supposed to talk" Finley said. "Here I'm just doing the right things doing what I'm supposed to do and doing it the right way."

Finley smiled as he rolled through his answers. He likely felt awkward behaving this way. Based on his first five NFL seasons this isn't his natural personality.

"He's not in the media every day that's a good thing" coach Mike McCarthy said of Finley. "That was a joke."

A joke perhaps but one that McCarthy is thrilled to laugh about now.

In recent years Finley's antics have forced McCarthy to deal with issues that any head coach would prefer to avoid. No coach wants to find out that his starting tight end told reporters that chemistry with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers was "not good enough at all" and that it "takes two people" to correct it. Those were two of Finley's October 2012 comments. Four months earlier Finley reflected on the 2011 season by saying "I couldn't get the chemistry with the QB."

Despite that supposed lack of chemistry Finley caught more passes last season (61) than any tight end in Packers history. But with the physical tools that Finley has it seems he's capable of even more.