The future of the Pro Bowl has been a front-and-center topic at the NFL Annual Meeting in Arizona, and structural changes to the financial awards and selection of teams are on the table, according to a high-ranking league official.

The game also could be moving. The NFL official said that the league will have an announcement in the coming days about future locations for the game, and that it's possible it could move from Hawaii and rotate to different sites.

The source said that the NFL is considering breaking up the compensation structure for the game by halves, or even by quarters, in order to ratchet up the in-game intensity. The league is also considering adding two-minute warnings to end of the first and third quarters, to create games within the game to create tangible rewards in making every play more important. Rewards for big plays are also a possibility.

The "draft" concept -- which was once used by the NHL -- is "not a done deal," according to the source, but closer to being implemented than the other elements. The league is considering having captains select teams, and is working on the mechanics of the proposed change, which would include the timing of the draft, the opportunity to televise the draft, uniforms, team names and rules. The league has a working group that will deal with those details later this week, after the meetings in Arizona are over.