One day after Phil Jackson gave a strong endorsement for Kurt Rambis to keep the head-coaching job, saying he is “perfectly capable,” the Knicks’ interim leader said it was nice to hear the sentiment and said his Minnesota record has been an unfair albatross.

Rambis, who played for the Lakers and coached them, faces the purple and gold Sunday night at Staples Center in Kobe Bryant’s final game against the Knicks.

Though keeping Rambis, who is 4-9 since taking over, is not the popular fan choice, it is a move that brings Jackson closer to running the show from behind the scenes because of their longstanding tight friendship. The departed Derek Fisher kept Jackson at bay.

Jackson may have delivered his ode to ensure the players knew Rambis shouldn’t be treated as a substitute teacher.

“I’m not denying that — it does help,” Rambis said of the Jackson endorsement in a meeting with writers at the team hotel in Beverly Hills. “I think I’ve got a good relationship with all the players. … That’s nice to hear. But I’m just going to do the job I’m doing. I’m trusting my instincts now on what I feel is right for this team, players and their development. If I’m doing the right things, what else can I do? I’m not going to put that pressure on myself and worry about the what-ifs and what could be in the future.”

Jackson said he has had conversations with Rambis about his résumé being pockmarked by a 32-132, two-season disaster with the rebuilding Timberwolves.