The Bears signed Martellus Bennett to a long-term deal in the offseason in an attempt to upgrade the tight end position. Now the team is looking to provide more experience and depth to the position with the signing of Leonard Pope.

In just over a week of training camp Bennett has clearly given quarterback Jay Cutler a much-needed playmaker in the middle of the field. While Bennett has shined the other tight ends have not been quite as impactful opening up an opportunity for the veteran Pope.

“No doubt it’s not going to be easy” Pope said following Saturday night's Comcast Bears Family Fest. “I know what it takes to be the type of player that you need to be so I’m just working my way up the ladder right now.”

Pope’s 6-foot-8 frame would typically be a noticeable advantage but three of the five tight ends are 6-foot-6 (Bennett Steve Maneri and Fendi Onobun) while Kyle Adams and Gabe Miller are only a few inches shorter on the height chart.

Regardless of measurables Pope believes his greatest asset may simply be man-hours on the job.

“Obviously experience going on my eighth year in the league” Pope said. “We’ve got a great set of guys with Martellus [Bennett] and Steve Maneri and those caliber guys. Andy Bischoff is a great coach and I’m just happy to be here right now.”

Bischoff the Bears first year tight ends coach is one of the few Alouette staffers who made the trip south to Chicago from Montreal with head coach Marc Trestman. While Pope was inked in large part due to his past Trestman feels the immediate future will likely be much more important in determining where the veteran will fit on this year’s team.