The NFL Network's Albert Breer said on Twitter on Sunday that the New York Jets had offered the New Orleans Saints a sixth-round draft pick for tailback Chris Ivory, but that there was "buzz" they might improve that offer to a fifth-round pick after the Darrelle Revis trade. Later Sunday, ESPN's John Clayton also said on Twitter that the Jets "will try to use a No. 5 to get Chris Ivory."

Though neither of those reports have been confirmed, they both make perfect sense. And they would make for a very difficult decision for the Saints.

As I wrote last week, a fifth-round pick is the exact cut-off point between a good deal for the Saints and a bad deal for the Saints. If the offer is fourth round or better, the Saints should take it. If it's sixth round or worse, the Saints should pass.

Fifth round? Well, that's why they make the big bucks.

Although I think Ivory is more talented and more proven than a typical fifth-round draft pick, there are many other factors to consider. One is that Ivory doesn't get used very often as the fourth option in the Saints' crowded backfield. Another is that the Saints could save roughly $1.5 million against the salary cap by trading him for a rookie.