Andy Pettitte was seated in the players’ lounge yesterday morning when Kevin Youkilis joined him and tossed a copy of Friday’s Post on the table.

As Youkilis looked at a picture of himself and a headline that said the new Yankees third baseman’s heart remained in Boston, Pettitte chuckled.

“He threw the paper on the table and I said, ‘Welcome to New York,’ ” Pettitte said.

Youkilis stopped in the George M. Steinbrenner clubhouse to pick up protective cups on the way to a workout at the nearby minor league facility.

And with The Post spread throughout the big league clubhouse, Youkilis’ new teammates were very aware of his comments.

“The back page was right there and I was getting ragged on pretty good,’’ said Youkilis, who was spared by the young players in the room but buried by the veterans’ good-natured abuse.

Asked who got on him, Youkilis replied, “Who didn’t?’’

Youkilis decided he needed to talk for a second straight day to clarify that his heart belongs to the Yankees.

“The whole meaning about what I was trying to say was that when you play in Boston the back of your baseball card, that’s how it is. After this year I will be a Yankee for life,’’ Youkilis said. “Trust me, there was no way that was meant to say my heart is in Boston or anything like that. My heart is here with the Yankees.’’

Having played in Boston, Youkilis understands the media scrutiny and admitted that saying, “I will always be a Red Sock’’ wasn’t good.