Lane Johnson was crouched in a stance opposite two rubber trash cans.

One can was gray and the other yellow. They were substitutes for defensive players. The gray can was a defensive end and the yellow can - the outside linebacker - was being held by Jeff Stoutland.

The gray can was going to rush the quarterback. But the yellow can? Well that's why the Eagles' offensive line coach was holding the fill-in linebacker.

If that was an actual game situation Johnson wouldn't know for certain whether the yellow can was rushing or dropping into coverage. But it would be the tackle's responsibility to block the linebacker if he did come.

When the snap came the yellow can rushed but Johnson was looking at the gray can and was late to block the linebacker.

"What are you looking at?" Stoutland barked at the top draft pick. "I knew I'd get you!"

Welcome to Johnson's world. The rookie is only two days into training camp and he's probably made more mistakes than he had his entire senior season at Oklahoma. It has been Stoutland's job to remind him of that.

The former Alabama coach is primarily responsible for preparing Johnson for the NFL and if all goes according to plan to start at right tackle from Day 1. But Stoutland is just at the top - along with of course head coach Chip Kelly - of a pyramid of support. It's quite the cast. Johnson has not only Stoutland but former Eagles Pro Bowl tackle Tra Thomas now a coaching intern one of the game's best tackles in Jason Peters and the rookie's predecessor at right tackle Todd Herremans to aid his development. Stoutland though will take the lead. When he was asked about his new coach's methods Johnson couldn't help but smirk. "He'll get in your face sometimes but he's fun" Johnson said Wednesday at the NovaCare Complex. "He's really fun. He has a lot of energy . . . that he brings to the players." Johnson a former quarterback and tight end has only two years experience at tackle. His athleticism is off the charts and already evident on the field even during mundane drills. But improving his technique will be the biggest challenge. "I feel fine" Johnson said. "I feel like I'm progressing well just keeping my feet in the ground and using my hands until I get a lot better with my hands."