Bruce Allen is a minority owner with the Vancouver Giants now. He’s certainly not a silent partner, though.

“I just think there’s been an alienation for a lot of hockey fans from that organization up the street,” Allen said at the official announcement Tuesday.

Yes, Vancouver Canucks. He was talking about you.

Allen, the high-profile manager of such musicians as Michael Bublé and Bryan Adams, has been friends with Ron Toigo, the Giants’ principal owner, for years. Bublé has a share of the club already. Allen said he and Toigo have been talking about joining forces with the WHL club for some time, but Allen felt this was the ideal opportunity.

He mentioned the Giants’ rebuilding phase, and their goal of winning the bid to host the 2016 Memorial Cup.

He also mentioned the Canucks.

“We saw some interesting phenomena happen during the playoffs here. We saw apathy from the Vancouver crowds,” Allen said.

“Why was that? You have to ask yourself. It could be lots of things: They didn’t think they had a chance; it was too expensive; they were just totally uninterested. That’s bad for that to happen. That’s really bad."

Allen doesn't see the same problem with the Giants, despite coming off a poor season with a crop of new, young players.

“Ron was in a rebuilding year. That’s why you saw a lot of the big names going out. Now the push starts. I think this is the right time for me to get involved. The whole way they’re approaching things, the timing couldn’t be better, for what’s also in the market. I think you also have to look at what’s also in the market.”