The Tigers believe Torii Hunter will be the perfect No. 2 hitter for them.

They say that because they believe it. Hunter was targeted for the second spot the moment he signed as a free agent.

Know what? The Tigers might be right.

Hunter is coming off a tremendous season for the Angels, in which he hit second more than at any other spot in the lineup.

In 356 at-bats at No. 2, Hunter hit .343 with 69 RBIs.

At the same time, Hunter might redefine your concept of a prototypical No 2 hitter. In fact, he almost assuredly will.

That's because he is a run-producer batting second, not a small-ball specialist.

Don't look for sacrifice bunts, because you won't find them.

Hunter has fewer career sacrifice bunts than Victor Martinez. As a matter of fact, he has fewer (5-3) than Miguel Cabrera.

And as an indication of how the game has changed, Al Kaline had 45 during his career.

Do the Tigers traditionally demand a lot of sacrifice attempts from their No. 2 hitter? They've been known to.