It took 19 NFL games for Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott to have his first underwhelming performance in the league, which made Sunday an interesting case study in how Dallas' most important figures reacted to their secret weapon being shut down.

Jerry Jones, who expects Elliott to play this week on Monday Night Football against the Cardinals, had this to say of Elliott's nine-carry, eight-yard afternoon (via The Star-Telegram): "It is the first time that I've seen us play when Zeke was as neutralized as he was today. This was a first for me to see it. Well, for anybody. And, yes, you've got to give them credit. They took away the play-action and they took away some of our ability to move. Do we have the ability to adjust and go to other things? Sure we do. Again, I'll say this again, it's not us."

Head coach Jason Garrett oddly blamed the passing game: "They were loading up to stop the run. That was going to be their style of defense. They had a lot of guys around the line of scrimmage. They were loading up the box. ... We needed to have some success throwing the ball to get them out of that defense. We were not able to do that on a consistent basis."

Elliott said the uncertain status of his suspension didn't play a factor in his poor outing and seemed encouraged that he got the dud out of the way early much like he did last year. Elliott's previous career low was his debut performance in 2016 against the Giants.