Tidbit Henrik Zetterberg has experienced from being at training camp with Daniel Alfredsson: He is an excellent golfer.

Tidbit Alfredsson has experienced: Zetterberg is an extremely good hockey player.

As coach Mike Babcock said with just a hint of a grin: Alfredsson and fellow newcomer and linemate Stephen Weiss “got lit up” playing against Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk who together with winger Justin Abdelkader provided all the goals in Team Delvecchio’s 4-0 rout of Team Howe on opening day of camp at Centre Ice Arena on Thursday.

“I think their team is probably a little better than that” Babcock said “but it never hurts anybody.”

Zetterberg and Datsyuk of course also have the advantage of having been Wings for a decade while Alfredsson and Weiss are both fresh additions. Their linemate Johan Franzen tried to help out.

“He’s been around with Babs a lot of years here” Alfredsson said. “He knows what to expect so he made sure I didn’t mess up too much. He said he would in trouble if I did.”

Babcock isn’t going to judge the trio until they have been through several exhibition games which start next week.

It’s a line the Wings want to see work because if Weiss can center Alfredsson and Franzen Datsyuk and Zetterberg can play together. Patience then is in order as Weiss and Alfredsson get used to each other and to being on a new team.

Within the group enthusiasm was high. Weiss called it “awesome” to be on the ice with his new teammates.