Watch point guard Jose Calderon tonight at the Palace against the San Antonio Spurs.

He'll be the guy patting his Pistons teammates on the back for making a good basket, or perhaps tapping someone on the arm in support, even though he messed up.

Calderon, who has played only two games for the Pistons since being traded from the Toronto Raptors, doesn't mind showing his emotions on the court in an effort to lift his team.

Though on a steep learning curve in regard to the Pistons' playbook and lineups, Calderon knows he can be that someone who encourages those around him.

"For sure, it's going to be a welcome to every game; it's about knowing my teammates," Calderon said at practice Thursday. "You are going to have some balls (that go) out of bounds and some missed passes. But this is getting to know each other -- it's about familiarity."

Calderon had nine assists and eight points in Wednesday's loss to Brooklyn at the Palace. He said he thought he should have been more aggressive in the second half, but he shared the ball more with his new teammates, and supported them, to demonstrate that he is a potential leader.

He also talked one on one with Pistons coach Lawrence Frank throughout the evening, listening and making suggestions.

"I did both -- sometimes asking questions, 'How do you want me to react?' and other times suggesting how we play the game," Calderon said. "It was kind of both ways just to get it right."

Calderon also is not afraid to get into the ear of his teammates.

"I talk a lot," said Calderon, smiling. "Everybody's got to be ready. I just talk; whatever I see, I just say it. Let them know I'm going to be open next time. ... I got to get them to trust me."