Chris Davis got back on the field for the Orioles on Wednesday, and it was an excellent feeling.

“I don’t think it was nerve wracking. It was almost kind of relieving just to kind of be out there and be with everybody, to be on the field, to be a part of team activities,” Davis said.

“I felt like I’d be off for two offseasons instead of just one. I think I was more excited than anything else.”

Davis hadn’t been officially been on the field with the Orioles since last Sept. 10 due to his 25-game suspension for use of Adderall. For this year, he has been given permission to use Vyvanse.

He must sit out Opening Day because he’s missed 24 games.

“I’m in such a different situation this year than I was last year. Having been off for a month-and-a-half more than these guys, I think it was more excitement and anticipation than anything else,” Davis said.