The unofficial label could be "Clipper Envy," and given that it's a term that has had little use or relevance before now, the lack of familiarity with it is understandable. But there's no shame if Hornets fans have it to varying degrees during the playoffs. Today they are relegated to excitedly anticipating the future and potential, as they should. New Orleans isn't a postseason participant, so hope substitutes for accomplishment and result.

This offseason, there'll be wads of salary cap cash, and two picks in this year's NBA draft lottery. Present is a critical foundational block, guard Eric Gordon, who perhaps is ready to sign a long-term deal (though, with his inability to stay healthy, the Hornets have to be careful there).

The franchise has a young, bright, well-respected coach (Monty Williams) who's considered an up-and-comer in league circles. And it has promising players whose inexperience was crippling this season, but whose vast playing time should accelerate their growth for next season.

Still, there's no shame in having a twinge of jealousy over the Clippers, as Chris Paul shows he's just as lethal for them as he was for the Hornets. He's doing all the things fans grew to love and teammates grew to expect in New Orleans.