The Mariners have added catchers Ronny Paulino and Kelly Shoppach to the organization and ditched catchers Miguel Olivo (yay) and John Jaso (boo) this winter. Paulino appears destined to hold down a job in Tacoma while Shoppach will be the primary player spelling Jesus Montero for spot starts and as a late inning defensive replacement.

That left me wondering if Shoppach's defense was actually anything great so I decided to redo the breakdown that I have done previously with catcher's defense. I included John Jaso in this rundown solely to see how he compared. The big knocks on Jaso had been about his defense and platoon splits. I don't think the platoon splits dig stands up to scrutiny, but his defense was likely below average.

Important reminder one: the pitch framing numbers are a bit primeval. They come from this research in which I note that you should not assume the entirety of the value is the responsibility of the catcher. The nature of Paulino and Shoppach being about average and Jaso and Montero being well below are not surprising. That agrees with both Fast's numbers pre-2012 and with general perceptions about the quality of each catcher. Still, do not treat the framing values as though they are rigorously confirmed.