New Toronto Blue Jays reliever Michael Schwimer arrived at training camp Sunday morning armed with a new pitch and no illusions about where he stands.

"It's not hard to look at the roster and see the bullpen has four or five veteran guys and three or four guys that are out of options, it doesn't take real rocket science to figure out I'm maybe not in the best position to make the team out of camp," said the imposing, 6-8 right-hander. "Does that mean I'm not going to fight my ass off and try to compete for a job? No, I'm going to try to show them what I have and what I can do. I'm going to do my best to make their decision as hard as possible."

The Blue Jays acquired Schwimer on Saturday from the Philadelphia Phillies for minor-league first baseman Art Charles, adding an intriguing arm to their pitching mix.