Dean Spanos is energized.

It took just a few minutes sitting with him in a courtyard inside the Arizona Biltmore on Tuesday to see this. The owner of the Chargers might be closing in on 63 years old, but he appears in mannerism and tone to be getting younger.

“Sure it has,” Spanos said when asked if it was fair to say hiring a coach and general manager, who both happen to be more than 20 years his junior, has given him new vigor. “Absolutely. Attitude is everything. We had (the same) situation for a long period of time. You never really know exactly what you have until you have changes. Changes were made, and there a new energy around the club right now, a new attitude. You can see it. It’s at a very high level right now.

“There is more enthusiasm than I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not like, ‘Oh well, back to work today.’ It’s enthusiasm.”

It’s not a stretch to say Spanos was fairly gushing at some points during our talk during a break at the NFL owners meetings, though he stopped himself at one point to acknowledge, “Look, we haven’t won a game yet.”

No they haven’t. They haven’t had the opportunity. The season is more than five months away.

This is pretty much all we have to go on when assessing Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco.

Whether the new culture ultimately helps produce the requisite number of victories, we’ll see. Maybe this season, maybe next. If not by then, we must wonder.

For now, change seems good. But all it is, is change. McCoy knows that.