Patrick Roy? Coach of the Avalanche? That's awesome news for Colorado.
And very bad news for goalie Semyon Varlamov.
Nice knowing you, Varly. Now pack your bags. And get out.
Hiring Roy was an inspired idea. Kudos to Avs president Josh Kroenke for a bold stroke to change the culture of a slumbering franchise.
The only way this move could have been better is if Roy could lose 40 pounds, shed 15 years and get back to work between the pipes, instead of on the bench for Colorado.
His first job as coach should be to find the Avs a top-notch, stand-on-the-head, Vezina-worthy goalie the team has lacked since some guy named Roy left the building in 2003.
A lost decade for the Avalanche can be succinctly described as a futile search for a goalie capable of leading a team to the Stanley Cup.
No offense to Varlamov. But he's not it. He doesn't have it.
Gripe all you want about the Avalanche's obvious lack of talent at the blue line. That's why the No. 1 pick in the NHL draft exists for Colorado. Pick 18-year-old defenseman Seth Jones. Ask questions later.
Everything about Varlamov, from his goals-against average to his save percentage, shouts: Average. Pedestrian. Ho-hum.
We've seen Saint Patrick, and Varly is no Saint Patrick.
Nobody in sports during the past 30 years, from Tiger Woods to Lance Armstrong to Michael Jordan, is a more passionate, demanding winner than Roy.