For a guy whose draft-weekend freefall may have cost him more than $11 million, Matt Barkley has remained remarkably level-headed and positive.

Barkley, projected as a top-10 pick if he entered the NFL draft after the 2011 season, instead was selected by the Eagles with the first pick of the fourth round in this past weekend’s draft.

On Sunday evening, Barkley spoke with columnist Reuben Frank for 10½ minutes on 94 WIP about how he’s managed to stay positive through the draft experience, his future with the Eagles, how he’ll fit into Chip Kelly’s offense and much more.

Here’s a transcript of the interview, which can be heard here.

On having a positive attitude despite fourth-round selection:
“I think I’ve learned a lot over the last couple years, that has been able to give me that positive outlook and attitude. And regardless of where I ended up, I think just the fact that I ended up on a team, and to end up on a team like Philadelphia, with the organization that they have and the fan base, I could not be more excited. I knew that wherever I was going to end up, it’s just the beginning. It was just the starting point, and everything’s a clean slate. I know I have to work my way up from here. The fact that it's a new beginning and a new location could not be anymore exciting for me.”

On how much scouts' evaluations changed in one year:
“Yeah, I’ve definitely learned a lot through that whole process, just what people thought about my year. It was a tough year, but I think because of the expectations that we had on ourself, coming off the 2011 season, and on top of that, what the media and the country placed on us in regards to what they expected of us. … But regardless of that, we played tremendous football at times. … The injury, it was painful and took a while to get back up to speed, but it by no means will affect me in the future. And my shoulder is clean, and good to go. I've learned a lot from this last year that will set me up to do well in the NFL.”