He was supposed to be a third-round pick. Maybe even a second-round pick.

That’s what all the experts said.

And why not? Jordan Poyer was a productive cornerback in college, he’s got good size, he enjoyed a productive Combine, no injuries. Even his arrest for not leaving a college bar last spring wasn’t a huge deal, and all charges were quickly dropped.

So what happened?

“I have no idea,” Poyer said. “At the end of the day, I knew if I got an opportunity, I was going to make the most of it.”

The Eagles finally ended Poyer’s misery, selecting him in the seventh round Saturday.

But not until 218 players and 26 other cornerbacks were taken.

“It has been a long couple days, that’s for sure,” Poyer said. “It’s just been a long couple days. But I was just happy to go somewhere. I know I’ll make the most of my opportunity.”

Poyer stands 6-foot, 190 pounds and was a consensus All-America last year at Oregon State, located in Corvallis – less than an hour from Eugene.