For the final three years of his Hall of Fame career, Tom Brady will make an average of $9 million per NFL season — or half a million less than the Red Sox will pay Stephen Drew this season.

As Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported yesterday, Brady agreed to a three-year, $27 million contract extension with the Patriots.

A year ago, the Jets signed their starting quarterback to a three-year extension. Mark Sanchez will be paid $40 million.

And you thought the rest of the country hated Brady and the Patriots before this news broke. Hey, Cowboys fans, check it out: Brady’s cap hit for the 2013 season is $3 million less than Tony Romo’s ($13.8 million to $16.8 million).

The deal is great news for the Patriots and their fans, and even better news for Brady’s three young children, who were presumably being held hostage in Jonathan Kraft’s basement until Tom signed the new deal. The kids can go now and Wes Welker can stay, and Patriots fans can look forward to another five years of the glorious Brady-Belichick Era.