Somewhere Drew Brees is waiting.

Somewhere Matt Ryan is smiling.

Somewhere Tom Brady is whistling a merry tune.

Today members of the new and improved secondary of the Tampa Bay Bucs begin training camp. And yes they are still the hunted.

How can they not be? Last year they were a midrange pass from giving up the most yardage of all time more than all those terrible Bucs teams more than all those awful Arizona teams.

Can a new corner even if he is Darrelle Revis cure that?

Can a new safety even if he is Dashon Goldson make a difference?

Here at the beginning the secondary of the Bucs is the most interesting unit of the team. It is a combination of imported talent and the guys who are still here — a blend of new stars and old scars if you will — that somehow must turn a team weakness into a team strength.

You remember last year don't you when the Bucs' defensive backs chased receivers across goal lines. For a season they were cussed and discussed roasted and toasted deep-fried and half-baked.

Yes they should be better this year. But will they be a strength?

Ask Cam Newton. Ask Colin Kaepernick. Ask Sam Bradford.

Look teams are still going to try to throw against the Bucs. Given the quality of quarterbacks on the schedule and the strength of wide receivers that's natural. The question is how the secondary holds up. Will it be last in yardage against the pass somewhere in the middle or in the top echelon?

"They better hold up" said Bucs coach Greg Schiano. "If they want to win they have to hold up. We have to help them with a pass rush and we have to help them with an offense that scores points. They're going to be fine."

The loudest response the Bucs secondary can utter of course should come from Revis. But he enters training camp still recovering from knee surgery. The Bucs haven't decided how much Revis will play in the preseason if at all. They just want him ready for the regular season.

Ah but even with Revis you can wonder if that will lead to a lopsided field if teams will simply surrender Revis' turf and throw the other way toward Leonard Johnson or Danny Gorrer or rookie Johnthan Banks.

The answer: not really. If Revis is healthy he'll be an immense asset. Yes teams can go away from him but the Bucs can give their other side more safety help. Remember Deion Sanders? He made teammate Larry Brown into a Super Bowl MVP because the Steelers were so intent on throwing away from him.

In other words much of the secondary depends on Revis and his health and his skills and his leadership.

"I heard great things about him and he's been better than that" said cornerbacks coach Tony Oden. "He carries himself like a professional like a person who wants to learn. Sometimes when you get elite players they're set in their ways. He's not like that."