The Browns had been hesitant to definitively state they're switching to a 3-4 defense the past couple of weeks, but new defensive coordinator Ray Horton isn't shy about it.

During an interview Thursday with Arizona radio station XTRA Sports 910-AM, Horton made it clear he will run a 3-4 system as he commands the Browns' defense.

Horton was asked whether he will stick with the 3-4 he used the past two seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Cardinals, employ a 4-3 or use a hybrid scheme like new Browns coach Rob Chudzinski has suggested three times since he was hired Jan. 10.

"It won't be a hybrid, not unless we're playing golf," Horton, who was hired Jan. 18, quipped. "It'll be a 3-4. It'll be the same defense we ran here [in Arizona]."

The Browns used a 4-3 the past two seasons under the guidance of defensive coordinator Dick Jauron. Former General Manager Tom Heckert spent the past two years revamping the roster for Jauron's system.

But Horton said the Browns' new defense will mimic the Pittsburgh Steelers' 3-4. Horton spent seven seasons with the Steelers as a defensive backs coach and is a disciple of longtime Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. Horton, 52, will now meet his former team twice a season in AFC North matchups.

"On defense anyway, it'll be mirror teams," Horton said. "We're going to look exactly the same. [We have] a good, young team, and we want to be one of the top defenses in the league just like we tried to produce here in Arizona."