Three cheers for one less reason to boo.

To the great appreciation of anyone who thinks the pace of major league baseball games has slowed to the mind-numbing point of absurdity — as if players are being paid their many millions by the hour — the game’s hierarchy finally came up with the best rule change this winter.

OK, so it was pretty much the only rule change of significance. But it’s long overdue. Sort of like that next pitch from Rafael Betancourt.

Henceforth, thankfully, pitchers challenged with runners on both first and third no longer may perform that insipid dosey-doe of a dance that never seems to get anything but a rise of derision out of the home crowd.

You know it. You’ve seen it. You’ve bemoaned it: The fake pickoff throw to third, followed by the spin-around look to first base, whereupon the pitcher usually held onto the ball or casually lobbed it over.