On the eve of the NBA Draft, Nets general manager Billy King downplayed his chances of getting himself into a draft in which the team currently does not have a pick.

“I’d like [to trade into it], just because I think you can get a good player,” King said Wednesday at the team’s New Jersey practice facility. “I don’t know if we will. … I doubt we’ll get into the first round.

There’s a chance we can get a second-round pick, but we’re going to be patient. So I’d say the odds on the first [round are] not good, second round possible.”

Despite King’s public stance, it seems likely the Nets will move into the draft for at least one pick Thursday night. With $2 million to spend, they will be able to buy at least one second-round pick, and if they dangle the rights to Euro-stash Bojan Bogdanovic, they potentially could move into the latter part of the first round, where several teams are likely trying to get out of the draft.