Andrei Kirilenko received in an injection in his back over a week ago that has delayed his return, the small forward told the Daily News.

The 32-year-old missed the last six games with back spasms, a recurring pain that kept him home for last week’s West Coast trip.

The Nets never revealed the injection, but a team source confirmed Kirilenko had an epidural.

“It usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks (for recovery following the injection,” Kirilenko said before he was on the inactive list before Wednesday’s game against the Bobcats. “Right now it’s probably at eight or nine days. Otherwise, I’m good. I usually never have that long period of this injury sustained for that long, for about a month. …The last three or four days there were no feelings of pain. It’s just the medicine they injected you have to for.”

Kirilenko’s back spasms first cropped up in the preseason. He then played in three of the first four games of the regular season before his back spasms flared up.

The Russian has struggled with back spasms over the last few seasons, but was never out this long.

“I tried to treat it, come back, again, it gets hurt,” Kirilenko said. “I was feeling good in a week, come back, again it starts to hurt.

“That’s why we decided to the shot. Now we’re trying to wait the full period and try to avoid re-injury.”