Ben Couch in his continuing series on the Nets off-season acquisitions takes a look at Kevin Garnett's shot charts and finds that the 6'11" center-power forward can still shoot ... at a very high rate.

Couch writes "Garnett was an above-average shooter from every zone inside the three-point line. The closest KG came to the mean was on the far left baseline: his .414 FG% (24-58) checked in 0.5 percent above the league average." Moreover he notes "Garnett shot more than 5.0 percent better than league average from every two-point zone save for the top of the key."

Best to guard him tight when he's on the left side because as Couch notes "that's his sweet spot." Garnett's most effective at the very beginning and end of games. That's when he's he most likely to be a featured player.