The up-and-down Hawks are down again.

The Hawks trailed by as many as 23 points en route to a 93-80 loss to the Nets Saturday night at Philips Arena. It was the second straight loss, and fifth in the past six games, for the struggling team.

After starting the game on an 11-1 run, making 5 of the first 6 shots, the Hawks shot just 38 percent the remainder of the game. They finished shooting 5 of 18 from 3-point range and two of those came in the fourth quarter after the game was out of hand. Despite the fast start, coach Larry Drew said his team was tired from a heavy schedule of late, including an overtime loss at the Celtics Friday night.

“It would have been easy to go into our locker room after the game and start ranting and raving about our performance tonight but very early in tonight’s game I sensed our team was not very energized,” Drew said. “I’ve always made the statement as far as our play, our success, is predicated with playing with energy. Sitting there I sensed what we’ve gone through over the past two and a half weeks caught up with us. … Frankly, I think we hit a wall tonight. Big time.”