The Cavaliers have won the right to pick first in the lottery, perhaps for Kentucky freshman center Nerlens Noel, who is rehabbing a torn ACL, has no offensive game and will not play for a head coach here who can teach it to him. Oh, yeah. He's also too skinny to play his position in the NBA.

Noel might not debut on the floor until nearly Christmas, serving until then as a very tall sugar plum dancing in fans' heads.

Defiant Dan Gilbert, the Cavs owner, went to Twitter to explain what he expected to gain in the draft lottery:

Twitter, a social medium, can be used for many things, including as a mouthpiece for team officials to put their "spin" on developments without all those intrusive questions by the media.

Given Gilbert's record as Nostradamus, it's best not to take that "last lottery" thing as an absolute. The nearly annual celebration of pure, dumb luck in the lottery has been as good as it gets for his team lately.

As a seer, Gilbert guaranteed that his team would win an NBA championship before the defector LeBron James won one. That crowd-pleasing chirp of defiance occurred three seasons ago, after "The Decision." Since James left, the Cavs' records have been 19-63, 21-45 and 24-58. James and the Heat are seeking a second straight championship, after losing in the NBA Finals in the other season.

Apparently, however, the record 26 straight losses in the first year after James left is like Adam Rosales' home run for Oakland off Chris Perez. It never happened. Umpire Angel Hernandez said so on the homer and Defiant Dan said so on rebuilding by using creative counting.