We're starting the wrong debate for the right reasons.

With the terrible injury to Nerlens Noel this week, a torn ACL that will end the Kentucky star's freshman season, the debate about the NBA's age limit has been started anew.

It's even extended to football, with folks suggesting South Carolina star Jadeveon Clowney should sit out a year or challenge the NFL's three-years-removed-from-high school rule that prevents most athletes from declaring for the draft until after their junior season of college.

For an impassioned takedown on that policy, I recommend checking out Mike Silver's article on the subject over at Yahoo! Sports.

I agree with the notion that it's ridiculous a high school senior entering the next stage of his life can't earn some money in his future career. I see the risks these guys take playing for free, potentially costing themselves millions of dollars if they get injured while the NBA and NFL don't pay a dime, but it is called the NCAA and is essentially a free minor league system for both leagues.