Alfonso Soriano goes back to being mortal.

CJ Wilson was decent enough to eek out a win. The Halos bullpen made it much more eek worthy than needed.

Recently it seems that our manager has no idea how to manage a bullpen (I know I am being redundant). Mike's new plan is that every bullpen clown gets to face one batter and then move on. I don't know how this play's into awesome strateegery; but it almost cost the Halos another game.

Great game by Chris Nelson: A solo home run and then a grand slam. Of note; "Denny's" started the "Grand Slam" in honor of Hank Aaron.

Also of note... If you have not heard; MLB is going to broaden their instant replay next season. Of course the example they are showing on ESPN is today's game where Conger "caught" a strike three foul tip and the batter was called out.