Everyone knew this day was coming the day of reckoning for those ensnared by the Biogenesis investigation a stained collection of 13 accused PED cheats scattered throughout the major leagues.

But not everyone prepared for it and Monday's's announcement did more than just penalize the 12 dirty players who accepted their 50-game suspensions without protest. In cleaning up the game Bud Selig also may have artificially changed the course of the playoff races.
With all the rubbernecking attention focused on Alex Rodriguez -- a walking talking six-car pileup of a superstar -- the rest of the world at least outside of the Texas and Bay Area markets has overlooked the impact of the Biogenesis scandal on the American League West.

The Rangers were blindsided Monday when Nelson Cruz their leader in homers (27) and RBIs (76) chose to forgo an appeal of his 50-game suspension immediately taking himself out of a tight race with the first-place A's who lead Texas by two games.

With exactly 50 games left for the Rangers that vaporizes Cruz and leaves a gaping hole in the middle of their lineup. Cruz apologized for what he said was an "error in judgment'' based on his concern that he needed something to help recover from losing 40 pounds because of a gastrointestinal infection last year.

Whatever the reason Cruz could have stayed eligible on appeal and given the relative timeline of the arbitration process might have kept playing until mid-September before a decision was reached. Now the only way he'll be back is for the postseason and Texas -- a half-game ahead of Cleveland and 11/2 games ahead of Baltimore in the battle for the second wild card -- is hardly a lock.
"I look forward to regaining the trust and respect of the Rangers organization my teammates and the great Rangers fans'' Cruz said in a statement "and I am grateful for the opportunity to rejoin the team for the playoffs.''