Jung Ho Kang remains in a holding pattern. Kang is in South Korea waiting to obtain his United States visa and be cleared for travel to Bradenton, where Pirates’ spring training has been in full swing for more than a month.

Earlier this month, Kang, 29, received a suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to his third DUI since 2009. The Pirates placed Kang on the restricted list last week, so he does not currently occupy a roster spot and he will not be paid for any regular-season days he misses.

“He continues to work out and work hard on his own,” Huntington said. “The challenge is, he’s in the cold-weather city. We continue to stay in touch with him. He’s doing everything he can do. Until we get him here, until we get a real good feel for where he’s at baseball-wise and what the next steps are.”

Pirates athletic training coordinator Bryan Housand visited Kang earlier this month while working with South Korea’s World Baseball Classic team and reported Kang is in good physical condition. Huntington said Kang, who has not faced live pitching during his offseason training, will need a modified spring training once he arrives in Bradenton.