A decision on the Sacramento Kings' future has been pushed back at least two weeks, NBA officials said Wednesday, straining already taut nerves in Sacramento and Seattle. But for the first time, league officials hinted at a potential resolution that could satisfy both cities.

Emerging from a four-hour committee meeting, NBA officials said they have scheduled yet another meeting late next week for a select group of team owners to review dueling ownership proposals from Sacramento and Seattle.

Peter Holt, owner of the San Antonio Spurs and chairman of the league's board of governors, told a scrum of reporters on Fifth Avenue on Wednesday evening that the NBA has not ruled out the possibility of adding a team to the league.

Observers have been speculating for months on whether league owners would consider resolving the Seattle-Sacramento conflict by awarding one of the two cities an expansion team.

League Commissioner David Stern, who has said the league is not considering expansion, repeated that stance Wednesday after the meetings, saying the league "has no current plans to expand."

But Holt offered a different take when he spoke to the media just a few minutes before Stern, saying the expansion issue is "not off the table," though it wasn't discussed at the Wednesday meeting.

"The world is growing," Holt said. "We're focused on China and India and those kind of places."

Notably, the Sacramento group bidding for the Kings is led by India-born Vivek Ranadive, a Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur who has said he wants to turn the Kings into a "global brand" and help expand basketball interest in India.

Both Stern and Holt said the issue of whether to allow the team to be sold to a Seattle group remains far from resolution.

"Not even close," Holt said.

Stern said he will convene the league's finance and relocation committees again late next week, and representatives of the two cities may be asked to come to New York to answer more questions.

"There are loads of documents, some of which (the league received) as recently as today (Wednesday) in connection with this transaction that we are in the process of sifting through," Stern said. "It's really quite complex."