Ryan Blake, the senior director of NBA scouting operations, offers his take on UNLV power forward Anthony Bennett for the Orlando Sentinel:

“It would’ve been nice to see him this summer, but the good thing from his standpoint is he got that surgery on the rotator cuff so he can be ready. It wasn’t on his shooting arm.

“He’s one of the most versatile players around. He’s a guy that can play in the post. He can play a little bit on the wing. In college, at 6-8, 240 he was able to play two positions because he has that versatility. He shoots 38 percent from behind the arc. Although he takes 25 percent of his shots from deep, he had to play in the post. The question is if he’s going to be able to guard small forwards. . . . But he’s so versatile. He can rebound. He can block shots. He can pass the ball as well. He can be one of the better players in a few years that comes out of this draft because of that.

“A lot of people ask, ‘Does he remind you in a way of Larry Johnson?’ Yes, in a way, he does. Not just because he’s from UNLV. Because he has that versatility as a big man.