The black-helicopter crowd had a rough weekend. And this week could get even worse. In the NBA playoffs and in Tuesday night’s draft lottery, the fix might not actually be in.

For those fans and commentators who take as gospel the numerous, elaborate conspiracy theories perpetually surrounding the NBA, the postseason could not have gone any worse. The conference finals are set—the final team qualified late Saturday night—and the presumed puppeteering of David Stern, manipulating everything from officiating to scheduling to which team aired on which network, produced ...

Well, two long-time and respected NBA reporters tweeted it best soon after Indiana eliminated New York in the East semifinals Saturday.

From David Aldridge of TNT, NBA-TV and “Oh, and conspiracy theorists? The NBA's Final Four are Miami (No. 16 TV market), Indiana (No. 26), San Antonio (No. 36), Memphis (No. 49). #tinfoil” (For his troubles, Aldridge spent the next 24 hours or so answering followers who were determined to prove that the vast underground network really exists.)

And, from ESPN’s J.A. Adande, on Sunday morning: a simple chart of the ranking of American TV markets, from Nielsen itself. There were the conference finalists, exactly where Aldridge had tweeted, proving that he wasn’t in on the scheme and making up numbers. Adande’s tweet, naturally, was prompted by a follower who unwisely demanded proof that Miami was not a top-10 market.