The Celtics now have just one game remaining in the regular season after the news that tonight’s game against the Pacers at the Garden has been canceled in the wake of the deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday afternoon.

With both teams’ playoff seedings secure, the NBA said tonight’s game will not be rescheduled. The team tweeted its condolences to the family and friends of the bombing victims.

Long before the tragedy had unfolded, the Celtics expressed divergent opinions about how to deal with the end of the regular season.

The question was what to do with tonight’s since-canceled date with the Pacers and tomorrow’s game against the Raptors in Toronto. There seemed to be some discrepancy.

“You win them,” Kevin Garnett said. “They’re games to be played, so you win them. They’re games to be played and you have to respect them, obviously against respectable teams. They’re on the schedule, and you have to obviously be professional about that.”

Jason Terry looks at things a bit differently, saying yesterday, “These games really are . . . I don’t (know) what they’re for. But they’re on the schedule. They’ve got to be played. We know who we’re playing in the first round though, and that’s the more important thing. I guess you can kind of use those games to kind of work on something, but I don’t think you want to show anything. Just go out and have fun, I guess.”