ESPN’s Chris Broussard had an NBA assistant coach rank the current and potential NBA head coaching vacancies from best to worst.

The name of the assistant was not disclosed.

"This should give you some insight as to how people within the league, including guys who could be interviewing with these teams, view the openings and potential openings," Broussard wrote for ESPN Insider.

Of the 11 current and potential vacancies listed, the Bucks’ opening was ranked ninth, ahead of only the Kings and Bobcats.

"Here comes the bad," the assistant coach told Broussard, referring to Milwaukee. "There's a ton of uncertainty there. I've heard through the grapevine that they could move, so you don't know where they potentially could be. It's a poor market. It's a tough city. You're going to have to undo some things there. You can't brag on the facilities. You're not going to be able to just walk in there and attract free agents. (General manager) John Hammond does a good job, but how do you sell free agents on this place? They got into the playoffs this year, which probably was worse than if they didn't make the playoffs. Being mediocre is not what you want to be. I think you keep either (Brandon) Jennings or (Monta) Ellis. I don't think you want both from a cultural standpoint. You're going to want some change. They haven't been terrible, but they haven't been good enough.