After Sunday’s doubleheader against the Twins, the Nats optioned first baseman Tyler Moore to Triple-A Syracuse in order to keep Chris Marrero up with the big league club. Marrero was brought up as the team’s 26th man for the two-game set.
Moore heads to the minors for the first time this season after posting a .158 average with 36 strikeouts through 38 games this season. He was struggling with inconsistent at-bats, making just 21 starts and coming primarily off the bench. Moore thrived in the role last season with ten home runs and 29 RBI in 75 games, but could not carry over the same success this season.
“I had a talk with him,” manager Davey Johnson said. “We just need to get him some playing time.”
“I don’t want to waste that just talent sitting around, I’d rather have him (get) some playing time. He’ll be back soon. He’s an outstanding player.”
Moore understood the Nationals’ stance and said he simply wasn’t getting the job done. He can also see the silver lining in a stint at Syracuse.
“It’ll be great. The guys down there are great, the coaches are great,” Moore said.
“I’ve done it before. I did it last year for a little bit and came back up and was a lot more comfortable. Playing every day and knowing you’re going to play every day kind of relaxes you a lot. Even the last couple days and the last week, I felt a lot more relaxed. I think it’s going to be a good thing.”