The Washington Nationals are talking to shortstop Ian Desmond and starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann about contract extensions to keep them in the nation's capitol long-term, reports Pete Kerzel of MASN Sports.

General manager Mike Rizzo said last month that the team would like to lock in both players. It appears initial dscussions have been had between the Nationals and Zimmermann/Desmond.

Both players are two years from free agency, so there is some time left before a deal would need to be reached. However, with free agents earning unprecedented amounts of money this offseason, it might be wiser to strike sooner.

The Nationals also will need to be aware of future extensions with other players, most notably Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper. The former won't be a free agent for three more years while the latter has five more seasons of team control.

Signing them before they reach free agency could keep their salaries in check a little bit, but for such big stars they are likely to still command enormous contracts.