Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson on Tuesday discussed Astros manager Bo Porter.

Johnson on Porter facing his old team: “Well, I think he’s a perfect man for the job. … I think he’s fully prepared to be an outstanding manager in the big leagues. He’s very fundamentally sound in all aspects of the game and he’s a great judge of talent. … And I tell him it’s great. You’re in your hometown. It doesn’t get any better than that. I wish him nothing but the best. I talked to him over the winter. I’m sure he’s going to do a great job.”

Porter leading a total rebuilding job and whether Johnson has dealt with anything comparable in his career: “Well, I wouldn’t call it total, because any time you get rid of some veteran players and pick up some good young players, that’s a great situation to be in. I’ve never gone anywhere, I don’t think, where a club that I inherited was anything but last or next to last. So I understand. It’s all downhill from there really, if you want to know the truth. Like I said, he’s a really great evaluator of talent and I’m sure he’ll get the most out of them. I always think it’s always easier being in a situation that I came into, rather than a lot of the guys that came after me. Because most of the teams that I had were pretty successful. To keep it going is a tougher job.”