Nate McMillan interviewed for the Detroit Pistons’ head coaching vacancy, and despite remaining the consensus favorite for the position, he still hasn’t been hired.

Maybe the Pistons actually needed to speak with McMillan to learn more about him.

Head coaching interviews often aare formality, especially for those with previous head coaching experience like McMillan. It’s such a public position — with 82 games per year and media chronicling everything coaches say and do — interviews won't always reveal any useful information that teams don’t already know.

But McMillan is the most misunderstood coach available, maybe even the most misunderstood coach in the league (when he gets hired).

Now that Phil Jackson is advising the Pistons, I somewhat expect McMillan to interview again so a new group can hear his thoughts. It’s just that difficult to reconcile McMillan's image and record, and I’d want to hear his explanation.

McMillan is perceived as a good defensive coach, yet his defenses in 10 full seasons and two partial seasons have ranged from mediocre to terrible. That’s a pretty large sample, maybe even large enough to declare McMillan a bad defensive coach.