There isn’t much variance for the Predators with their home roster compared to their road roster this season.

They don’t change their game plan drastically when they play on the road.

But for some reason, the Predators have seen a large drop-off in their play in games away from Bridgestone Arena this season.

In their past seven games at home, the Predators are 5-0-2. In their past seven games on the road, they’re 1-5-1. The one victory was against the Stars on Tuesday.

And as they continue on a five-game, eight-day road trip through four time zones, unlocking the secret to better road play is even more crucial.

“It’s tough to win on the road. It’s tough to win at home, too. The parity in this league is tough,” forward Paul Gaustad said. “Any small advantage you can have plays in the favor of that advantage. I don’t like to make excuses on the road like, ‘We should play .500.’ We should try to get every game, home or away.”

The attributes Gaustad references are minute, but invaluable.