Friday’s Lakers practice was mayhem.

Before doors to the practice court opened, media flowed out of the press room to such as extent that the Toyota Center staff brought out chairs for reporters to sit in the hallway. Seemingly, everyone who had access to a media credential in Los Angeles was at the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo on Friday.

“Be there by noon,” the voice on the phone had said earlier in the morning.

Well, it was a half hour past noon before anyone was allowed into the practice facility.

As the media was allowed to enter, the Lakers were scrimmaging five-on-five in the half court. Practice was full-contact, and Steve Nash was playing on the first team.

Wait, what?

Nash was back.

He was hitting floaters and moving well. Considering it was a full-contact scrimmage, the media was allowed to witness it, and Nash made it through without issue, Nash should be considered probable for Sunday’s series opener against the San Antonio Spurs. Steve Blake and Nash are the likely starters.